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and evangelicals. mitt romney had been looking for a knockout blow but finished in third place in both contests. he did win the contest in american samoa. jummy olabanji explains what this means the republican white house race. >> good morning. mitt romney 1 last night's caucus in hawaii and is still ahead in terms of the number of delegates needed to win the election. with rick santorum gaining ground, the race is nowhere near over. exit polls in alabama and mississippi show conservatives are split. half of voters in those states said romney is not conservative enough. they divided their votes between centcom and gingrich. romney came in third in both states last night despite spending twice as much as an storm and gingrich combined -- twice as much as rick santorum and newt gingrich combined. >> if you are the front-runner and keep coming in third, you are not much of a front-runner. >> for someone who thinks this race is inevitable, you spend a lot of money for being inevitable. >> senator santorum is desperate and is trying to boost its prospects. >> ron paul opted not to campaign in the two s
but police have not said whether that is related. >> yesterday mitt romney was the winner in the illinois primary. he will be campaigning in maryland. >> he is expected to make a stop in maryland where bob ehrlich -- with former maryland governor bob ehrlich. romney has now won big in a number of states but it does not seem republican voters are ready to unite behind a single candidate. >> what a night. thank you, illinois. wow. >> another big victory in a big state. exit polls show that he was lifted to victory by voters with household earning more than $100,000 a year. if voters see him asfrom voters that the him having the best chance of beating obama. >> millions. joining our millions >>6-- millions of people continuing to join our cause. >> rick santorum in second place. there is the louisiana primary next on saturday. >> we need someone to do something to liberate the private sector in america. >> louisiana is where newt gingrich hopes to pick up delegates while ron paul is focused out west, meeting with supporters in california. romney strategists are suggesting it may be time for
and his campaign did not do. >> romney and santorum have had tremendous amount of time for resources in ohio. they are in a dead heat right now. if he is chosen, he would be one of 14 delegates heading to charlotte. it looks like he has enough support after saturday's vote. critics have asked the city to bar him from attending the september event. >> processors will gather across moscow today rallying against vladimir putin's reelection. vladimir putin thanks to supporters. >> it could be a week a milestone for apple. >> michael jackson we did we have these stories and more. >> a sneak peek at the ipad 3. they have video that allegedly shows the new version appeared to be a bit thicker but to have curved edges. the company's past 25 million apps. >> packershackers and download did michael jackson songs that have never been released. it happened a year ago. at the same time, the place station network was packed. the artist is cashing in. the jack russell terrier is starring in an ad for the nintendo 3ds. have a good day. >> thank you. a dog has to make a living somehow. >> it is time
were in a stolen car involved in three robbers. no one was hurt. >> mitt romney continues to rack up delegates. he won six of last nights 10 states. >> rick santorum avows he is staying in their race. brent carter is in the newsroom with the latest. >> -- brianne carter is in the newsroom with the latest. >> some say they are no closer than they were at the start of all of this. three are claiming victory and each is vowing to stay in the race. in his toughest fight of the night, a mitt romney squeaked out a win in ohio. he walked away on top in the six states including alaska, vermont, virginia, and his home state of massachusetts. >> we're counting up delegates for the convention. >> the math may be on his side, but what about momentum? rick santorum 1 oklahoma, north dakota, and tennessee. >> we went up against enormous odds, not just here in ohio where who knows we were outspent but every state. >> newt gingrich also walked away in a win. the former speaker of the house appears to be in it for the long haul. >> i hope the analysts' in washington and new york, who spent june and j
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the race a bit more clarity. so far romney is the clear front-runner. but some say the his mormon faith may not appeal to some southern voters. is trying to win them over appearing at a rally yesterday in alabama? comedienne, just fox -- jeff foxworthy. and santorum is trying to show that he is a true social conservative. newt gingrich is doing well in the deep south which he needs to assdo to stay alive in the race. when romney was asked if he would choose a more conservative running mate, listen to what he said. >> that would preclude rick santorum. rick santorum is not a person who is an economic conservative. >> if you want to elect a social conservative, you need to elect a social conservative. >> ron paul is in fourth place. both states have open primaries which means republicans independents, and democrats can cast ballots today. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> for the real-time results then to our sister station, news channel 8, coverage beginning at 6:30. >> president obama will meet with british prime minister david cameron and they will attend an n.c.a.a. game in ohio. they will d
. >> i heard governor romney call me an economic lightweights. because i was not a wall street financier liked him. -- like him. it's mitt romney is surging >> these pancakes are something else. they are as large as miney win and puerto rico last night. >> rick santorum is hoping to carry the votes in rural, conservative areas of illinois. he says winning tonight would be a game changer. >> we will stop talking about delegates and talk about how to stop rick santorum from being the nominee, that is what the establishment will be talking about. >> 54 delegates on the line tonight. mitt romney currently meeting with about half of the delegates already allocated. >> thank you. the white house st. patrick's day celebrations continue today. president obama will meet with the irish prime minister enda kenny this morning. and the vice president and prime minister and will go to the capital for lunch. there will be a reception following a white house tonight. we are looking at 62 degrees right now. >> still ahead, if you have extra money to spend, virginia lawmakers are giving you the chance to
.86 on average. >> turning to the 2012 campaign what republican leaders are lining up behind mitt romney. former president george h. w. bush will indorse want it today in houston. florida senator mark o. rubio to is also throwing his support behind romney. two rivals were in our air yesterday. newt gingrich spoke at georgetown, while ron paul held a rally at the university of maryland's college park. maryland d.c., and wisconsin all hold primaries on tuesday. maryland governor martin o'malley will cast his vote later today. >> thank you. on the hill, the house is set to vote today on the budget plan. this calls for revamping medicare and cuts to everything from food stamps transportation. the budget also rejects president obama's desire to raise taxes on the rich. yesterday the house rejected a bipartisan plan that commits to tax increases or spending cuts. >> we are looking at 60 degrees this morning. >> still ahead, another major game for the washington capitals. a preview of tonight's match up in beantown. >> marking 100 years since one of the world's most famous shipwrecks. a new exhibit cel
in the race for the white house. the two top contenders, mitt romney and rick santorum, expected to once again battle it out in some states made last- minute pleas to voters. >> we are in a great campaign. i need your help. >> don't listen to the polls or the media hype. it's ohio is being closely watched as the race between these two rivals continues heating up. >> we have been all over the state from a tuesday. >>12th---- a to z. >> dead even even though we've been outspent. >> gingrich is ahead in the polls in georgia today, the state awarding the most delegates. >> that was brianne carter. stay with abc 7, your election station. news channel 8 is airing an election special tonight at 6:30 this evening. >> president obama will make his presence known on the super tuesday, holding his first news conference of the year. this comes after a report that showed some leading economists are more optimistic about the economy. however the obama administration is dealing with several foreign policy issues including the violent crackdown in syria and disputes over iran's nuclear program. >> a a robber
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we nominate a conservative as to give us a chance to go head-to- head with governor romney. health plan that will occur sooner rather than later. >> is not a very strong front- runner. now all conservatives are opposed to appeared quite some dealers think he will then alabama and mississippi. some say that if romney wins, the nominating process could be over. >> that want to be your pencils sharp bends. it is about to begin. they released the dance brackets last night. kentucky, north carolina and michigan state. georgetown is strong in number three seats. virginia is in as a 10 seats. loyola comes in at 815. the action steps off with the person playing games tomorrow. >>> fans are really excited. >> it is eight minutes past 5:00. dimeters to shine. >> still ahead, a busy weekend for the washington redskins. and look back at what he may have missed. >> just a little trade. >> and oprah is close of. her highlights from whitney houston's daughter. are you still sleeping? just wanted to check ande make su that we were on schedule. the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i h
will support mitt romney, but only if romney wins the nomination before the convention. gop presidential candidate ron paul will be in the area tonight for town hall meeting at return coliseum at the university of maryland's college park starting. at 7:00 front-runner mitt romney was mostly business during an appearance on the tonight show, but jay leno let things get a little racy for a moment, drawing laughs from the audience. >> did you ever think that we would be talking about porn, with all the other things in this election? >> i did not know that we were talking about porn. [laughter] >> rick santorum was talking santorumporn. >> >> mitt romney joked that he would choose david letterman for next president. -- vice-president. when asked if there would be room for rick santorum in his cabinet, he said that he would make a good press secretary. santorum had cursed at internal l -- at a journalist after he misquoted him. >> and a pilot disrupting a flight. and how the driver managed to get three speeding tickets in less than an hour. first, traffic and weather every ten minutes. 395 at
presidential candidate mitt romney is celebrating an overwhelming victory in puerto rico. he won all 20 delegates because he prevailed with more than 50% of the vote. the candidates are looking ahead to illinois and louisiana tomorrow. rick santorum has 253 delegates. the other two candidates trailing behind. president obama struggling to draw in big dollar donations. half as many people are writing large textile his campaign van at this time four years ago. but he is outpacing his gop rivals in fund raising overall. concentrating on amassing a small donors. >> while president obama is at the white house, his wife michelle obama is heading into y -- is headed to new york to appear on late night with david letterman. she will discuss our initiative for military families. this is her first appearance on the show that will air tonight. >> it is 55 degrees in washington. >> still ahead, an update on claims that the silver spring transit center has structural problems. >> and other parts of the country are dealing with a wild weather, including more tornadoes. we will of the latest damage. q
until june. mitt romney continues to rack up endorsements. paul ryan will endorse mitt romney today, one day after george h. w. bush also endorsed the former massachusetts governor. former florida governor jim bush has endorsed romney, but former president george w. bush remains neutral. 5:08 is the time on this friday, 43 degrees. donovan mcnabb's message for r.g. iii. and the capitals needed a big victory against the bruins. we have highlights. signs of progress in the fight against the wildfire in colorado. we have an update. and another check on traffic and >> hope you are having a good start to your friday morning. it is a cool start to the day. look at temperatures outside. 45 degrees at reagan national, 37 in orange. at the freezing mark in western maryland. 32 degrees in oakland. satellite and radar, sunshine during the morning. grab the sunglasses. clouds will approached by the afternoon and we will have showers. later tonight and early tomorrow, showers. freeze warning in western maryland. frost advisory in frederick and washington counties until 8:00. sky's getting cloudy late
an agreement with creditors. >> mitt romney may be the gop front runner, but none of his rivals are ready to throw in the towel. >> we are staying in this race because i believe it is going to be impossible for a moderate to win the general election. >> mitt romney has twice as many delegates as newt gingrich and rick santorum. the math makes it impossible for any of them to win the nomination. president obama's reelection campaign plans to release a 17- minute documentary about his first term in office. the film will be screened across the country. the film was made by david guggenheim. >> it looks like rush limbaugh is losing more advertisers after comments he made about georgetown law student sandra fluke. 45 companies have now pulled their spots. he says advertiser defections have been exaggerated. he has apologized for calling her a prostitute. quite today's "tech bytes." we are finally getting a new look at the new ipad. >> it is set to blow away the competition. >> apple unveiled the latest ipad the new tablet features a faster processor and an improved camera. the big difference i
full republican presidential contests went to mitt romney and he looks to go into super tuesday with momentum on this side. before that happens he will face-off with his rivals in washington state. >> you have an opportunity to reset this race on the weekend. rick santorum held a rally in washington yesterday ahead of saturday's's caucuses. romney and ron paul will be campaigning there today. newt gingrich will not be there. he will continue campaigning in georgia where he served as a congressman 20 years. it's one of in 10 states voting on super tuesday. >> i have to win georgia to be credible in the race. if i win georgia, the following week we go to alabama and mississippi, i think i will win both of those, and have a good opportunity to win in kansas. >> it will come down to delegate counts in the end. romney has the lead, but that could change on tuesday when 437 cdelegates are up for grabs. >> in virginia it's been far from perfect for hank the cat from fairfax county. >> is owner is considering putting him on the ballot to replace virginia senator jim webb. now is the ta
ahead of the gop primary. mitt romney will travel there tomorrow. despite the wins and alabama and mississippi by santorum, aides point out for romney he has half the delegates so far. newt gingrich shows no signs of abandoning his campaign. a >> the president will travel to maryland to deliver remarks on american energy at prince george's community college. he hosted a state dinner for david cameron last that and talked about how he trusts the leader. >> i have seen his resolve and determination to get the job done whether it is writing our economies are succeeding in afghanistan. >> this is considered the biggest a dinner ever thrown by the obamas. 360 people invited including some popular a-listers, richard branson, warned buffett and george clooney. >> learn how local priest is to sit -- defending his decision not to give communion to a lesbian. >> changes for >> coming up at 6:00, plugging the budget holes into the maryland suburbs. we will preview the announcement for montgomery county and prince george's. >> the latest fallout from a scathing op-ed that cost goldman sach
this morning outside the hyatt regency on capitol hill. that is where mitt romney's campaign will hold a fund- raiser. they are upset he wants to end federal funding for planned parenthood. in remarks yesterday by one of his strategists is causing controversy this morning. >> i think we will get a reset button for the fall campaign everything changes. it is almost like an etch-a- sketch. newt gingrich and rick santorum were holding them yesterday. >> president obama will discuss plans to fast-track the permit process for the southern part of the keystone pipeline. later in the day he will be at an automotive research center in columbus, ohio. >> in potomac a student is being called a two-time hero. firefighters arrived at the school yesterday after an electrical problem ignited a curtain in the auditoriuml. before they arrived, duncan seguin and his buddy grabbed a fire extinguisher and prevented the flames from spreading. >> it could have caught the other things on fire. the auditorium is flammable and we have a bunch of fabric seats so that could of ended badly. >> he helped to put out a fi
you. to the 2012 campaign were in the battle is brewing. santorum said romney was "the worst republican in the country to put up against barack obama. ." he also said romney was uniquely gopualified to be the candidates. become anas unhinged."and the president is insole south a summit. and encourage south courage. future provocations of the content. is warning that if he rocket if it goes into their territory. they have moved eight rocket to pad and plans to test fire. people are waiting for pope .een dipped to our right this the day after hundreds of n their basket central mexico. the pope will hold to outdoor as raÚl castro. he visited cuba back in 1998. >> dick cheney is recovering at hospital after undergoing a heart transplant. he has had five heart attacks. on the cardiac transplant than 40 months. he says although they do not know the identity of the donor, will be forever grateful for this kit. >> maryland state police are investigating whether one of their tubers assaulted a waitress. happened tuesday night. waitress said she filed an assault charge. the incident be
romney as the gop campaign gets longer. he has started to depend more on the free media coverage to reach out to voters. he spent the past two days at fund-raising events in new york. he raised $3 million on wednesday alone. the obama campaign has a new documentary. the 17-minute film is called the road retraveled. ittoday president obama will be in chicago and atlanta at campaign events. it's 48 degrees on this friday. >> still ahead, after so much anticipation the new ipad is being released today. learn if it is better to purchase now or waiting a little. >> caught on tape, a tornado touched down in michigan. details on the cleanup that is under way. >> first another check on >> oh, my god, oh, my god, oh, my god. >> that tornado video was caught by a homeowner in southeast michigan yesterday. the twister damaged more than 100 homes. fires and floods resulted, but no serious injuries reported. >> listening to the sound effects, is scary to imagine that coming toward you. looks pretty good here at home. >> we have some areas of rain throughout the day today but mainly confined to the aft
for a candidate mitt romney. he has won the wyoming caucuses. the votes to replace over the past three weeks. the results were released last night. it's a non-binding votes and will not affect delegates. ohio is holding a primary next week. >> at the clarendon metro station in virginia there are harsh words criticizing president obama's oak terrace overall. john gonzalez as a reaction. >> good morning. metro says it cannot remove it based on its political content and yet one local lawmaker says it's not about politics, it's about what is. the new ads which bashes the president's elkton therefore does it go to faroo far telling mr. obama to go to hell? >> it is disrespectful. >> if we don't think it's wrong, they will think it's right. it's not right and metro knows it's not right >> . it calls on readers to purchase a documentary of someone believes the president goes uniform will hurt americans. congressman jim moran believes it is profane and not good for children to learn this way about public discourse. but a metro spokesperson says the message is protected by a political speech and can
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